Understanding CO2 and Compressed Air Benefits

In the same way as other games Paintball has wording the entirety of its own. When around your ardent paintable you’ll hear a huge number of expressions and terms utilized. CIs, PSI, OZs, C02, Burst Disk, Regulator, Tank, Nitrogen, Compressed Air, Nitro, and the rundown goes on. These are for the most part normal (and befuddling!) terms used to portray the numerous characteristics of a Paintball Marker’s capacity source; the Air System.


To comprehend Paintball’s capacity sources we’ll initially recognize the 2 significant sources paintballers use to push a paintball out the barrel of their marker. C02 and Compressed Air are utilized solely in the Paintball. C02 is similar gas that we breathe out when we relax. It is additionally what trees and plants use to deliver oxygen. Since C02 keeps a fire from oxygen it is additionally utilized in fire dousers. Different gas utilized is Compressed Air. Compressed Air is exactly what the name infers; air that is compressed. Compressed Air is usually utilized in the scuba business and is loaded up with an extraordinary multi stage air compressor. To additionally recognize the two we’ll thoroughly analyze the similitudes and contrasts of the two gases.

C02 is innately less steady than compressed air with regards to paintball air frameworks. At the point when a c02 tank is filled it is really loaded up with fluid C02. At the point when you buy a 20oz C02 tank, the 20ozs alludes to the limit of the tank. The 20oz does not allude to the heaviness of the genuine tank, but instead the measure of fluid c02 the tank can contain. So a 20oz c02 tank will hold 20oz of fluid c02. A part of the fluid c02 in the tank can venture into a gas. This gas ordinarily has a weight of roughly 1800psi. As you void the tank (by terminating your marker) the fluid c02 in the tank keeps on changing over into a gas. At the point when you quick fire with C02 it is not extraordinary to see a white cloud happen to the barrel of the marker. This dau may nen khi truc vit is really fluid c02 that did not have the opportunity to extend to a gas before being ousted.

┬áThe professionals of c02 are that it is commonly economical to fill and reasonable to buy tanks. A normal fill is about $5 and will get you an entire day’s play. You can likewise buy 20oz C02 tanks (the most widely recognized size) for somewhere in the range of $20 to $30. The huge drawbacks are that c02 is normally grimy and conflicting. C02 does not function admirably in the winter either. It is delicate to pressure contrasts and does not change over well into a gas at temperatures moving toward freezing. It likewise will normally void a guarantee on progressively costly markers that contain delicate electronic solenoids.