Top Tips for Choosing Your Company Name

For certain individuals, picking a name for their new company are simple. They may have had a name at the top of the priority list directly since they previously thought about a business, or they simply utilize their own name. For others it is a difficult errand that includes short lists, extensive lists, restless evenings and Post It notes.

At The Design Mechanics we work with loads of new beginning businesses and have thought of the accompanying tips for picking a name for your new company:

  1. Reasonable items

Recollect that you must work with your unique company names list; it will be an instrument you utilize each day. As such it ought to be simple for you and your staff to articulate while picking up the telephone and simple for individuals to record. In the event that you pick a dark, troublesome or over-long name that you generally need to explain to individuals it will end up being the most despicable aspect of your working life.

  1. Pick a name with an accessible web address

Your site ought to be the point of convergence for your advertising and one of the principal things while picking a company name is to perceive what space names are accessible. Tragically, getting great area names gets more diligently consistently, and despite the fact that new space expansions continue to get delivered, they do not have a similar authority.


Short and basic areas are in exceptionally short inventory nowadays, however getting a little imaginative will mean you can for the most part locate a usable web address. In the event that you cannot locate a straightforward web address around your company name, or on the off chance that you discover somebody that does precisely how you manage a comparative site address at that point consider picking an alternate company name.

  1. Quest for individuals with a similar name

Another significant check while picking your company name is to check whether any other person is utilizing it. On the off chance that you are setting up a restricted company start at the Companies House site and utilize their Internet Check administration to check whether any other person has a similar name.

Then, do a web search on your potential company name and see what comes up. It is adequate for you to have a similar exchanging name as another person as long as you are in an alternate industry and area – anyway do not pick a name like a contender else you may fall foul of the passing off law.

It is additionally astute to try not to pick a similar name as a public brand as they will have the legitimate clout to make life hard for you on the off chance that they conclude you are excessively near a help they are offering or you become too prominent yourself… regardless of whether your surname is McDonald.